Off Kilter promotional cast photo


Milton Frank was the ballet world’s up-and-comer who never up-and-came. After a massive plagiarism scandal, Milton keeps meaning to make a triumphant return to the world of professional ballet. It’s been the next thing on his to-do list for twenty-five years, in fact. But it’s not until his comeback gets intertwined with the agendas of a PR genius and an almost-retired ballerina that any of those intentions start to materialize.

Like many brilliant artists, Milton’s struggle is to get over the past and out of his own way. A comedy that lingers in the awkward silences as much as it does on the stunning choreography of the acclaimed Shawn Hounsell (Royal Winnipeg Ballet, National Theatre Ballet - Prague), Off Kilter documents a man remaking himself into the critically acclaimed asshole he never got to be in the 90s.

Off Kilter is a CBC original production and produced with the participation of the Independent Production Fund. Filmed on location at The Extension Room and a special thanks to the Extension Method™.