Episode 1 - The Denial
Milton Frank has come back to the studio after a twenty-year absence, but under no circumstance is anyone to call it a "comeback." This is just for fun. A lark. A whimsical experiment.
Episode 2 - The Distraction
Gary, the venue manager, inflicts a series of absurd safety drills on the team. BB, Luke and Anna debate the fine points of the scandal that sent Milton into hiding 20 years earlier.
Episode 3 - The Relapse
BB uses spin to coax Milton out of a familiar sort of meltdown, and Anna receives a surprise visit from her ex-husband and his new partner.
Episode 4 - The Accounting
Despite Milton’s protests, it’s time to bring in more dancers. BB is alarmed to find out that the gender wage gap is embedded in the ballet world as much as anywhere else.
Episode 5 - The Comparison
Two new, young dancers arrive full of drive and talent. Milton transforms into a choreographic master, fully inspired... until he realizes he isn't a 21-year-old prodigy anymore.
Episode 6 - The Prescription
Pas-de-deux quickly becomes foot-in-mouth when Milton meets - then promptly forgets - BB's partner, Casey, over and over. Until Milton, consumed in a hypochondriac fever, learns Casey is a physician.
Episode 7 - The Deconstruction
Alarm bells go off as Milton takes the choreographic process of deconstruction a little too literally. Anna's deconstruction occurs mainly in the knee, as Milton's demands exacerbate an old injury.
Episode 8 - The Disappearance
Milton is gone, unreachable. Gary becomes a one-man search-party. BB and Anna quietly rebel with a five-minute hiatus from cleaning up Milton's messes - before promptly returning to saving the day.